Vehicle repair, garage


Vehicle diagnostics: We offer error reading and deleting service for cars and lorries with BOSCH KTS 570 and TRUCK equipments. The ESI (tronic) garage software recognizes the control unit, reads the measured values and compares them with the reference values given by producers.

Running gear adjustment: Control and adjustment of running gears of cars and lorries. Our equipment is suitable for specificating the geometry of the full running gear. The angles are measured with 4 sensors by microprocessor technology, infrared data reader and transmitting system.

Tachograph equipments: Authentication and joining analog and digital tachographs. Data downloading, evaluation and documentation of digital tachographs. Downloading and evaluating drivers’ cards.

Vehicle maintenance: Small and medium maintenance works, oilchange for cars and lorries..

Vehicle cleaning: We offer chassis and motor cleaning, external wash for cars, lorries and machinery with warm water and detergent cleaning system.

Tire repairing: Tire repairing and balancing for cars and lorries.