Company history

The Mobilsped Ltd. was established on 1st January 1994 from the Hungarin Oil Plc’s transport operating unit.

The founder and the only owner of the company was the Hungarian Oil Plc., and its residence was situated in Gólyás, Nagyhegyes. The owner’s main goal was to support the Hajdúszoboszló unit.

The main activities of the company were: domestic goods and passenger transport, material handling, renting and operating of vehicles, services carried out by machines, services by professional equipments (boiler car etc.), vehicle repair and MOT testing.

Due to change of ownership, in 1998 the Mobilsped Ltd. reached a milestone. The new owners set these targets to the ltd:

  • Our mission is to be a continuously developing service company in market competition, which seeks to produce income from providing high quality services.
  • It is considered to be the most important , that we are existing to satisfy our partners’ needs, in order to which we discover their demands, we always comply with our contracts and agreements, every order is considered to be equally important, we give the green light to the utilization of human factors, and we follow the principle of continous quality improvement.

In the latest years, our company has worked in accordance with these aims.In 1997 a new ISO quality control system has been installed which is still working.In 2006 the company moved its residence to Hajdúszoboszló, Nyugati sor 33. The new MOT test base and service center had also been established here.

In our central residence there are: a 400 m2office building, a 650 m2workshop hall and a 2000 m2concreted, guarded area for storing vehicles. In order to modernize the management information system, in 2014 we have installed cloud based LIBRA3S company operation system. Today our company has 50 domestic transport permit and more than 50 employees.

Our main activities and our partners is includes in this website.